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Kama Ruby sings backup with Jane Getz and Joe Crummy cover of "Pick Me Up on Your Way Down."

I am pleased to share that a tune I sang backup for last year has been released. This is a great cover by Jane Getz and Joe Crummy of Charlie Walker's 1958 hit, "Pick Me Up on Your Way Down." (Incidentally, Jane covered this tune with Firefall founding member, Rick Roberts on his 1972 solo album titled, "Windmills.") Featured on this sweet recording is Jay Dee Manness on pedal steel guitar.


Words & Music by Harlan Howard

The Players

Jane Getz- Keyboards, Vocals

Joe Crummey- Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Jay Dee Maness- Pedal Steel Guitar

Bob Tucker- Electric Guitar

Tom Walsh- Drums

#KamaRuby- Harmony Vocals

Produced by #BOBTUCKER @ Crescent Heights Digital, Hollywood, CA

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