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Kama Ruby's recent jazz singles receive radio play. UK 8 PM UK time Repeated 5 times in different days the following week - UK Starting Sunday - 3 times a day, total weekly - 21 times. Precious Radio Mood - USA Los Angeles, California (USA) 1:00PM Berlin & Munich (Germany) 10:00PM Quebec & Montréal (Canada) 16:00PM Tokyo & Osaka (Japan) 6:00AM Paris (France) E.U. 10:00PM New York (USA) 16:00PM Tel Aviv (Israël) 11:00PM - France 8 pm (French Time) Repeated Wednesday 11 pm - US Following Monday February - 11 pm Repeated following Sunday - US Following Tuesday 7 pm Following Thursday - 9pm NZ time Following Sunday - 9am NZ time - Asia (will be additionally confirmed) Between all radios, over 50 hours in the premier week. Plus the music remains in rotation in future programing. Please hook up with me on social media:-) Dimitri K. Publishing

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