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In Memory of Randy Cottengim.

In memory of my Dad, I'd love to share an opportunity for you donate to the Youth Theatre Summer Program at the Bakersfield Community Theatre. I have chosen this organization because my Dad was highly present and involved in my years of dance and theatre. Back in those days, it was rare for fathers to stick around at your rehearsals and make friends with your colleagues. After my father's passing, many have shared their memory of him being so involved in my art life as a child.

Another reason for my choosing this organization is because it is free to all children regardless of their financial situation. I know it was a big struggle for my parents to afford me the privilege of taking dance classes, summer art programs, and theatre.

"Bakersfield Community Theatre began providing free Youth Theatre Summer Workshops in 1968 to introduce children to acting and performing arts. BCT Youth Theatre remains the only local performing arts program that is completely free to all participants to ensure that arts education is available to children regardless of a family's financial situation." - On Stage

If you'd like to donate, please go to this link: Home | Bakersfield Community Theatre ( There are directions on how to customize your donation and there is a special box for Dad entitled, "In Memory of Randy Cottengim," where you can specify how you'd like your donation to be used. You may also email their executive director, Jan Hefner at:

RIP Randy Cottengim

May 1, 1952- October 16, 2021

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Unknown member
Oct 27, 2021

God Bless you Kama during this time, my condolences. I loved your Dad, he was so funny & such a special guy! I will always remember our time together when I came to visit...Randy will be missed, but I know he's still taking care of you from above! Love, -Vicky-


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