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"Envy" Huzzah Remix Now Available on Most Streaming Sites!

“Envy” Huzzah Remix is now on most streaming sites. ! Remix by Kendall Hall. Photography by @aprilshowersphotography . Featuring Kama Ruby- Artist] and @mikegarson . Written by @getzjane_music and Kama Ruby- Artist]

The original version of this song appeared on the 2019 American Roots EP "Badlands of Bakersfield." (Those are my great grandparents on the cover.)

Ha! @distrokid had a fun option to sync your songs to @tomcruise ‘s unforgettable dance in “Tropic Thunder.” Here is your teaser for “Envy” Huzzah Remix. ( Getz/Maccioli) Remix arranged by Kendall Hall. Featuring @mikegarson .

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