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Kama Ruby as Kat Foxe!
She’s a hot mess, but you love her anyway. Kat went from being raised in a trailer park, and bartending in a local dive bar, to living the good life with a nice guy in a suburban neighborhood. She was a hard core party girl until she found the guy who’d take her away from it all.


The EP, “Miss You, Mitch,” visits four stages of Kat Foxe’s life. “You're Replaceable” relaying the first stage, is Kat’s response to a loser of a lover who underestimates and belittles her. She knows he’s up to no good, and since she pays the damn bills anyway, he can just get on out.


“Miss You, Mitch” is a time in Kat’s life when her partying got the best of her, and she begs a lover to give her “one more second chance.” She’s beginning to take an inventory of her life at this point and knows it’s gonna have to change. “You Either Love Me, or You Don’t” shows Kat at a stage where she’s aware she’s getting older. Her looks and her body are no longer text book perfect. But, she is thinking with a clearer head, and though she may not be perfect, she’s confident enough to proclaim, “You Either Love Me, or You Don’t.” 


“More Time for Me,” represents a final stage. Kat Foxe sensing the urgency felt by all suburban women who just don’t have enough time to themselves. Getting to those appointments at the salon on time, lashes, massages, facials, getting to all those networking events, and lunches with girlfriends is just exhausting. There’s just not enough time in the day to do it all, Is there?


But, here is the truth. Kat Foxe still messes up all of the time - just in a different way. Though she was the girl taken out of the party, you simply can’t take the party out of the girl. Kat will cycle through all of the stages over and over again, Because, that’s just how she rolls. Like the song says, "You either love her or you don’t." Don’t like it? Remember. "You're replaceable." She’ll need you to give her a second chance if she goes too far.  Lastly, if she’s not operating on your time line, it’s because she needs more time for herself. Just hold on to your britches. She’ll come around.

MissYouMitchBackCover (2).jpg
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"Kama is a unique creator who always has a “fresh take”, with the skills to pull off anything she feels like doing… this great little EP gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating...."


Dick Metcalf


Kama Ruby shines bright on her instrumentally diverse new EP, "Miss You, Mitch"




Review by Austin Sher

Miss You, Mitch is the incredibly catchy and melodic new EP coming from Kama Ruby. What a fantastic release! Please read along with us as we break down our thoughts on the record, as well as provide some insight into the artist herself.


Kama Ruby, also known as Kat Foxel, seriously impressed us with her latest release. Before we fully get into our thoughts, it’s always best to familiarize yourself with the artist and inspirations behind the music. Miss You, Mitch takes a journey through Kat’s life in four stages, through four songs on the EP. Kat went from being raised in a trailer park, and bartending in a local dive bar, to living the good life with a nice guy in a suburban neighborhood. She was a hard core party girl, until she found the guy who’d take her away from it all. 


Listening to the EP in order is a must, as each song takes you through a personal journey and junction into the artist’s life. Apart from the stellar vocals and instrumentation, each song tells a delicate story that deserves to be listened to. If you ever wanted to get into the mind of a so-called “stranger”, this would be a great place to start.


Moving to the music, the EP comes in at a track length of 4 and runtime of about 14 minutes. We’ll be honest, we weren’t happy when it ended, because we so desperately wanted more! Kama’s voice is jaw droppingly impressive. It borders on almost a country tone to it, but throughout the record, shows off its versatility to the point where you could utilize it in multiple genres. We were hooked on every last word being sung back to us. 


Ideally, you could break up the record into two different listens. The first listen could just be spent listening to the lyrics and stories. The second listen would be just an instrumental, because there’s so much diversity and inclusion across all spectrums of music it became hard to keep track. The constant inclusion of violin and saxophone instantly had us needing more. At this point in the review it must just feel like a string of compliments, but honestly it’s just so deserving.


This was our first foray into the music of Kama Ruby, but it absolutely will not be our last. Seeing what she’s capable of had us going into her back discography to see what we’ve been missing out on. We feel you should do the same!


For everything Kama Ruby, to listen to Miss You, Mitch, and to keep up with all future releases and information, please check out the following links below.


Listen to Miss You, Mitch

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