Kama Ruby- Singer, Actor, Wellness Practitioner

Personal Care by Kama Ruby

Personal Care by Kama Ruby                                                                          


“Both of us can feel great about it!

Lemongrass Spa wants to provide you and your family with natural, effective products that are both indulgent and purposeful. From their luxurious spa collection, to their best-selling skincare line and for your everyday needs our family care collection will be a welcome replacement in your home.


Fresh, Clean & Natural

What is all the natural goodness in our products anyway?

Right from the beginning we start with the best ingredients that Lemongrass Spa hand selects for their high quality and effectiveness. Our ingredients include:

  • Organically grown, steam distilled pure essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, peppermint, spearmint, sandalwood & lemongrass
  • Natural colorants such as beet juice powder and carrot juice
  • Therapeutic and hydrating aloe vera, shea butter, mango butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, olive butter, apricot kernel oil and almond oil for healthier skin
  • Fruit extracts such as pomegranate, raspberry seed and cucumber
  • Sugar, oatmeal, Dead Sea salt and other ingredients that are so natural you could eat them!
  • Check out our reference guide to natural ingredients here. Download PDF Guide
  • Are you concerned with the ingredients in your skincare products? We’ve created a Top Ten List of ingredients to avoid list for your convenience. Download PDF Guide

Lemongrass Spa is committed to offering safe products for the entire family. In order to protect some of our water-based formulations from bacteria or mold, Lemongrass Spa uses skin-safe, paraben-free preservatives (less than 0.5% by weight) such as sodium benzoate, gluconolactone, grapefruit seed extract (3rd party tested for purity), optiphen and soy-free Vitamin E oil. Some of the Lemongrass Spa formulas include fragrance oils that are phthalate-free for your peace of mind.




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