Kama Ruby- Singer, Actor, Wellness Practitioner

Kama Ruby- Wellness Practitioner

Movement and exercise,

skin care,

body care,


and cute clothing

are daily practices and items I have a huge passion and joy for.


Kama Ruby has an extensive background in Movement and Wellness.  One of her many passions is to help educate others on self care through mind-body awareness, food preparation, skin care and supplementation, as well as self development and meditation. She specializes in injury prevention and post-rehabilitation. Kama is also an internationally selling recording artist. Learn more about her art life at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKdLtjagjS7G-kIiMgu5bIg


Master of Fine Arts:Acting                                University of Nevada, Las Vegas                                     May,  2007

Bachelor of Arts: Theatre                                  California State University of Bakersfield                       June, 1997

Bachelor of Arts: Anthropology                       California State University of Bakersfield                        June, 1997

Associative Arts: Liberal Studies                     Bakersfield Junior College                                                May, 1994


Fitness Certifications:

*Certified Personal Trainer                            ACE                                                                                  July, 2017-*Certified

*Pilates (Mat and Equipment)                        DK Body Balance                                                            March 2007-*Certified

*Silver and Fit:Senior Fitness                        NASM/ Gold’s Gym                                                         March 2007-*Certified

BODYPUMP™                                                 Les Mills, Int’l.                                                                  August 2003 – *Certified

BODYSTEP™                                                  Les Mills, Int’l.                                                                  November 2003 *Certified

BODYFLOW™                                                 Les Mills, Int’l.                                                                  March 2004 -*Certified

BODYCOMBAT™                                            Les Mills, Int’l.                                                                  August 2004 – *Certified

Special Emphasis in Movement Training:

Hawkins Modern Dance                                 Extensive training Erick Hawkins expressive and efficient free flowing movement

Luggering Method                                          Extensive Integrative training of the voice, body, and acting techniques

Tap and clogging                                            Former competitor and Performance Group Member of

1) Lenore Smith Dancers

2) Sho-Enuff Cloggers

3) Black Gold Cloggers



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