Kama Ruby is a jazz vocalist/actress/dancer. 

Kama’s focus in the last several years has been on performing as a jazz vocalist. Gifted with a beautiful, sexy, and sultry voice, she is well versed in the standard jazz vocal repertoire. Her performances of classics such as “Something Cool” or “One for My Baby” display her remarkable emotional as well as vocal range.

However, whether performing as a solo artist, backed by an accompanist, or with her band, Kama Ruby and the Rough Cuts, she also adheres to the notion that “Jazz isn’t just for the straight ahead folks!” by covering compositions that are hardly ever associated with jazz. She combines her love for jazz with her love for classic & alternative rock, and gives those tunes a completely different, jazzy flavor, while still maintaining the recognizable feel of the originals.

Kama's first album “Kama Ruby, Straight-up & Chilled” and her sophomore album, "Kama Ruby: Rock Dreams in Jazz" are both a mix of jazz standards, acid jazz, classic rock, and pop tunes. The recordings capture the live feel of her performances and her unique take on familiar works. Both albums have enjoyed international sales as well as considerable airplay on numerous jazz oriented radio stations. Continuing a natural progression of how she interprets past classics, her upcoming third album will be best described as sitting in the "chill" genre. Entitled “Minds Eye,” the album is set for release in February, 2017.

Her acting and musical theater credits include "Oberon" in the New Light Theater Project's workshop performance of “A Midsummer Night's Dream,” "Stella" in a Western States Tour of “A Streetcar Named Desire,” a producer and cast member of “Mixology: Music You Can Taste,” and “Stages: A Unique and Unusual Cabaret.” Other credits include roles in the Utah Shakespearean Festival (Greenshows), the Kern Shakespeare Theater, the Rogue Fringe Festival, the Nevada Conservatory Theater, and many other productions. 

For booking or other information, please visit her website, www.kamaruby.com.